Let's get Laazy

I am super excited to announce Laazy is live!.. well for beta users anyways. It has been a labour of love for 9 months now, there is much more work to do but we have a product useful to a wide range of users. The stated goal from the outset was to create a tool essential to the workflow of our users and to save them time on the boring parts of creating images.

Save time for the important things

I talked about the inspiration for Laazy but didn’t go much into how we went from an idea to a fully functioning product.

As regular readers of my blog will be aware, I am currently nearing the end of my Remote Year aka mid life crisis. In the first month I had already decided that I wanted to create Laazy (although didn’t yet have a name), I had a general idea of what I wanted the project to do and how to go about it - I have built products before and am acutely aware that ‘Making things that matter is hard - selling them is harder’. I wanted help and I couldn’t afford to buy it (we are bootstrapped but will seek some money once the beta finishes). As luck would have it, our Remote Year group is awash with super talented people with healthy risk appetites. I put the message out on our group chat and set up a meeting. I created a presentation to pitch the idea and generate some interest in contributing.

Initially a large number put their hand up with interest in contributing to Laazy - far more than I needed or could usefully leverage but over the months this number whittled down to a core group. Contributions and commitment was minimal to start off with, but as the project gathered momentum we started to see this as a viable business.

The Team

Now we have a solid strong team, myself the fearless leader & back end developer, a product owner, a front end developer, a designer, a marketing lead, admin and finance and a lawyer - not many early stage startups can boast such a wide range of skills from the outset.

The brand

We worked as a team and settled on the vision for the business and a playful tone of voice - Laazy, save time for the important things. Design and branding was kept playful and clean, but flexible enough to keep focus on the product needing to be a functional tool.

The approach

There are three core components to Laazy. Pipelines, Splits and Actions, which work together to make it easier to get consistent results without having to fire up (or pay for) resource-hungry graphics software.

Actions are single ‘things’ that you may want to do to an image. Be it setting aspect ratio, setting file or folder details, messing with meta data, resizing an image or something more clever like removing background colours or setting the ‘focal point’ of an image.

Splits are a special type of action that facilitates the output of an image into multiple streams. The means a single image can become many different image assests with rules and treatments applied.

Pipelines are a collection of actions that make up a whole process. Pipelines have a single input and one or more outputs, so once a pipeline has been set up all you need to do is upload or drag an image onto it. Laazy will do the rest.

The system is scalable and we can deploy increasingly complex and clever actions that can be dropped into pipelines - we have some cool ones in the pipleine ;) but we are keen to hear what our users find useful.

Where to from here

We have a very solid foundation for success, we have:

  • A clear problem and engineered solution
  • An experienced team with depth and breadth of experience
  • A vision and direction to guide us going forwards
  • Functioning useful MVP
  • Processes and mechanisms in place to track user behaviour and solicit feedback
  • A group of volunteer test users ready to provide feedback and direction

Far from a certain home run but not a bad starting position.

The invites have been sent out to the beta group (some spots are still available if you haven’t registered yet, but don’t wait). We will run the closed beta for as long as it takes to get some clear feedback and validation of the core business idea. During this time we will be modifing and adapting the product based on feedback and introducing new features. In parallel we will be doing our scale planning and determining what is needed to push the product far and wide. We will also be building out the commercial side of the product, more info to come on this in the coming months.

The future is looking pretty Laazy.