Crew only, no passengers

My travel plans for the upcoming year are well documented, not so much my reasons pushing me towards it - I have been intentionally vague when queried on what I am actually doing.

It is true that my cryptic response is due in part to my plans not being entirely set in stone (aka make it up as you go) - primarily, it’s because I want engagement from people, not simply passing interest. I want to build a core group of loyal supporters and eventually fans, a group I can draw on to test ideas, garner feedback (and criticism) - who will help celebrate my successes and commiserate my inevitable failures.

I want my journey to be opt-in, first shared to those truly interested, not simply me shouting into my social channels as some sort of humblebrag.

The curse of Frictionless Engagement

Facebook & LinkedIn are great tools for communicating and connecting people but terrible for engagement. In my opinion a ‘like’ is akin to a raised eyebrow. Whereas most comments are the social equivalent of “Oh, yep” in response to a conversation. I am aware I may not garner terribly many of either for this particular post. I love getting likes and comments as much as the next guy, but I want to turn this basic engagement into a meaningful dialog.

There is an exception to this though, linking-to, reposting or sharing someones post on ones own channels. Unlike a 1-1 exchange between author and reader it is a public endorsement of the authors point of view and vastly increases the potential eyeballs - furthermore someone sharing someone else’s work carries more authority than someones own self-promotion. This is always meaningful and always appreciated (wink).

So with this in mind, I won’t be posting to Facebook or LinkedIn quite so much moving forward. Save for the occasional post to remind those who might be lagging behind that I am still around.

My primary medium will be this site and a group I am calling the ‘Super-yacht guest list’. For now just a mailing list but I hope to build a community around it.

Join me by the pool

Reserve your spot

For now all you need to do is hand over that most precious digital possession, your email address and along with it tacit agreement I can count on you when the time comes.

I will engage with people individually, in groups and with the group as a whole - for any number of things, ranging from but not limited to, you may be asked to;

  • Check out a new post I’m particularly proud of
  • Participate in market research for an upcoming project or hair-brained scheme
  • Review a book chapter or particularly long post
  • Test out a new product
  • Assist in promoting a new project
  • Help me form a government (you may have noticed the quiet rebranding of this site)

All are welcome on the Super-yacht,
but it is crew only, no passengers.

It goes without saying, I won’t be sleazy with your details or injudicious with your attention. Seldom more than a single monthly communication. For those that feel this is a little too engaged can still track my progress from the safe distance of Instagram or Twitter.