Here we go, Again!

Father, it has been 8 months since my last confession - I think thats how it goes. The time has come again for me to pack up my life and head off on loosely planned and poorly researched adventures - I’m not sure whats in store but I’m sure it’ll be entertaining, I hope you join me.

Taking care of business in Melbourne

After 20 months of travel I was pretty exhausted and in desperate need of a reset. I also had some life things to take care of back at home base that I’d neglected during my time, as someone put it ‘Peter Pan-ing around the world’ - specifically selling home base. So I set my course back for Melbourne and proceeded to assess the fragmented pieces that I had left behind.

The thing that surprised me the most was how comfortably I slipped back into my Melbourne life and how little I missed travelling. I had expected to get home and immediately get the itch to hit the road again. I enjoyed having a routine and problems to solve. I had projects to work on both personal and professional and people to reconnect with.

But as time went by and I whittled down my list of todo’s one by one. I started to get a feeling in the back of my mind. Fueled by the constant insta-inspo from my remote year cohort I started to make plans.

Down and Dirty

Along with the sale of my house my other primary focus was Dirt the Eco Detergent startup I had helped start a year earlier. Sales were really starting to heat up and we had struck a chord with our customers. Whilst the problems were many, finding solutions was fun and seeing the response to initiatives gave me a thrill. It was exciting to be on what is turning out to be a rocket ship (1000% growth in our first year and still holding steady).

As much as I enjoyed building Dirt, as time went on the technical problems in the business became fewer and it became clear that Dirt was not to be ‘my main thing’, after intense deliberation and some discussions with my business partner I decided to scale back my role in the business and push forward on my travels so I can focus on other endeavors.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming

So once again my life is packed up in little boxes and I am in the wind. But this time it’s different, I can’t quite articulate it - I don’t have a home base any more having sold my house so less of a safety net, but it’s more than that.

Last time it was a leap into the unknown, I felt I was running away from something whereas now I feel like I’m travelling with purpose - simply because I want to.

I’ll let Paulo Nutini explain how I’m feeling.

I’ve got a sheet for my bed and a pillow for my head. A pencil full of lead and water for my throat.
I’ve got buttons for my coat and sails on my boat, so much more than before.
I’ve got money in the meter and things to fill my time, and now its getting hotter, its slowly getting sweeter.
I’ve got legs on my chair and a head full of hair. A modern apartment, some shoes on my feet.
I’ve got a shelf full of book and most of my teeth, a few pairs of socks and a door with a lock.
I’ve goot food in my bell and a licence for my telly and nothings going to bring me down.

Paulo Nutini

I am writing this from the first Leg of my travels, I’m sitting in the departure lounge after my first cancelled flight, 12hr delay (although they put me up in the Marriot), two missed connections and some additional hotel charges. Exhausted but unfazed - my plans are fairly loose so I can roll wih the punches and change my plans as the world changes around me.

So I’m gonna leave this post here. Mahalo from Hawaii