Split 50/50

Image "Dubrovnik Rooftops" by Sean Marier

Right now I am half way through my first month that means 1/24th through my RemoteYear year. They say time in RemoteYear is a Schrödinger-esq paradox, simultaneously feeling like we have been in country for ages and known each other for years - whilst at the same time streaming past so fast it’s not long before we are preparing for the next country. This is something I now understand, this is my first blog post since arriving simply because it doesn’t feel like I have been here long - but now we are talking about Prague, our next stop!

Not nearly as warm as it looks in this photo As I start to get to know the noisy, crazy group of 50 people who were brave/adventurous/insane enough (select adjective) to embark on this thing we call RemoteYear, I am constantly reassured that I have made the right choice. Whilst we are most definitely still in the honeymoon period I can already see strong friendships forming. I know there will be low points, there will be tensions, many tears and the odd temper tantrum (some of which have already been encountered) - but there is a sense we are all very much in this together - we need to put aside our preferences and comforts to keep things running smoothly.

We were warned during out orientation that we will experience emotional highs and lows during the year, I can attest to this. I find I occasionally need to remove myself from the group for a bit of down time. I usually just retire to my apartment for a solid YouTube/NetFlix session and an early night. This was especially the case following our recent weekend trip to Dubrovnik, traveling with 30 people can be exhausting.

The remote working thing is a different way for me to operate but one I am enjoying, aided in no small part by our amazing hosts at the WiP workspace. I can easily put my headphones on and just GSD, find a quiet space for a meeting or when I get tired or bored of working there is always someone keen for a drink or some activity kicking off.

Due to the Australian timezone my routine consists of early mornings starting in the office at 6am, working solid until midday then doing some sort of exercise (today was TRX and my knees are already hating me), then my afternoons are free to explore, eat and drink, or if I feel so inclined do more work on one of my projects - and this was the whole reason for my taking this trip in the first place - I wanted to buy my own brain space to expend on projects of my choosing. The timezone shit also keeps the midweek partying to a minimum which isn’t the worst thing with so many distractions around.

Split, Croatia is a crazy place, I am enjoying the fact that we are here pre-season (although it makes it harder to find dinner). Many of the bars and restaurants are still shuttered. The few that have decided to open seem to be operating on a strictly coffee and cigarettes only basis (no food and limited booze options).

The list of activities available to use is seemingly endless, trying to participate in them all is a losing battle. Just to name a few over the last two weeks, I have visited Dubrovnik, been on a boat tour, had a presentation from a local movie producer, done a local beer tasting course, scaled several castles, toured the area on bike, foot and uber and had countless lunches, dinners and cheeky beers.

It’s going to be an awesome year, but I need to take time to take it all in else I’ll blink and miss it.