A tale of two breweries

As a part of our Remote Year they organise ‘Local tracks’, organised activities designed to immerse us in the culture of our current environment. They are loosely based around tourist activities but ones that are not so common or as easily accessible.

Czeching in to Prague

It seems just yesterday I was arriving at my place in Split, now I am required to pack my life back into bags and set sail for my next location. I swear thats the last time I cry ‘poor me’ about how fast this year is going by.

Split 50/50

Right now I am half way through my first month that means 1/24th through my RemoteYear year. They say time in RemoteYear is a Schrödinger-esq paradox, simultaneously feeling like we have been in country for ages and known each other for years - whilst at the same time streaming past so fast it’s not long before we are preparing for the next country. This is something I now understand, this is my first blog post since arriving simply because it doesn’t feel like I have been here long - but now we are talking about Prague, our next stop!

Belgrade in 36 hours

Due to a change in my Remote Year program, I find myself in Belgrade, Serbia with a full day to kill. My original itinerary was cancelled, but I was offered a far superior (IMO) set of destinations starting off in Croatia - also RemoteYear paid for the change in plans so no complaints there. However I had already procured my inbound flights to Belgrade (the previous starting location). I decided to keep my plans and spend a bit of time solo exploring before joining the Remote Year group.