70 days in New Zealand

Two and a half months into my remote working experiment and I must say I reckon I am getting the hang of it. I have come to the end of the New Zealand portion of my travels and am now moving into my travel proper. I’m on my way to my first stop Belgrade, currently sitting in the transit lounge in Melbourne writing this (sorry Melbourne peeps, its just a fly through).

I have had such a great time in New Zealand it is hard to leave, but leave I must - Adventure await. I lost count of the number of encounters I had out on nights out in Melbourne, I was confronted by a boozy eyed Irish (or insert stereotype here) backpacker who, upon learning of my Kiwi linage goes on to extoll the virtues and beauty of my homeland. It began to irk me, that these foreign visitors (yes I get the irony) had seen more of my homeland than me.

Sure, I have done many a holiday as a kid, bounced around our most ‘scenic’ of roads and dragged through our native bush. Even one long trip through the south island, inauspiciously starting with an incident involving driving onto the Interislander while the ramp was being raised and almost falling through to the train deck below - in my fathers defence (since he is likely reading this), it turned out to be the fault of a confused ramp operator.

During these two months I put more than five thousand kilometers behind me with my trusty steed, ‘White lightening’

My wheels Many times I have come back to New Zealand for a quick trip, a wedding, christmas or similar event, a few boozy nights or dinners but seldom venturing beyond Wellington. This time I wanted it to be a little different, I wanted to spend some time experiencing New Zealand as others see my country rather than just stick to the places I know.

I decided early on that 70 days was not enough to attempt the South Island, that will have to wait for another day. But I think that I have adequately covered the North Island, the only major region that I missed out on being the far north.

During these two months I put more than five thousand kilometers behind me with my trusty steed, ‘White lightening’, a few ignition issues notwithstanding it has served me well. So in order of attendance here are the places that I managed to spend a bit of time in (some more than others) - there is a bit of a gap in the middle with blogging as I had to do some work (also a bit of fun having):

Petone sunset

  1. Wellington
  2. Rotorua
  3. Coromandal
  4. Taupo
  5. Kapiti Coast
  6. Hawke’s Bay
  7. Wanganui
  8. New Plymouth
  9. Tongariro
  10. Auckland

As well as tearing up and down the country I had the honour of attend two weddings during my travels for four wonderful people. First the jaw dropping BoomRock for Nick & Emma’s overlooking the rugged southern coast on one of the 4 sunny days Wellington puts on in a year, then a month later Anna and James in the Hawke’s Bay in the idyllic surrounds of Anna’s parents vineyard, complete with a special vintage developed specifically for the event.

So the reason for this part of my travels was not simply to explore my homeland but also to prepare myself for the upcoming year. As you might of guessed by now this blog is going to be my main channel for communicating what I’m doing and trying out new ideas. I wanted to get a solid following and build on it. With the end of the New Zealand portion of the trip I have also kicked off the first instalment of the ‘Superyacht guest list’, a mailing list for those who are actively interested in following me along my travels, it’s not too late to join.

Where to next

So next up I’m off to Europe, I am flying to Belgrade first for a few days exploring before off to Split, Croatia for a month where I meet up with my RemoteYear cohorts, then Prague for a month, on to Lisbon then wrapping up the Europe portion in Sofia, Bulgaria. There will be loads of side trips, adventures and antics not to mention a lot of projects and work stuff (this isn’t a holiday remember).

Thanks everybody!

The stunning Corromandel Soo good to see everyone over the last two months. A special shout out to Di and Kelly & Dommy for putting me up and giving me a place to work from. You guys are awesome!

Thanks also to Nick and Emma, Anna and James for having me at your respective weddings. Cheers all for the beers, drinks, bbq’s and birthdays, dinners, lunches and general partying. Awesome to see Mamma and go for walks on the beach. Few wines with Papa & Sue, Becca and Tim, awesome to see you guys sorry I won’t be there for the birth of my first Niece or Nephew.

To those of you who have organised to come meet me somewhere in the world throughout the year I can’t wait to see you, to those who haven’t. I’ll see you when I see you, So long and thanks for all the fish.