Windy Wellington

This is where my journey begins, in the coldest summer Wellington has had in 30 years or so I’m told, racking up only a miserable 8 beach days for the whole of January.

Wellington is known for its crappy weather however this year it seems it has gone to extraordinary lengths to ruin BBQ’s for everyone.

I landed in country on the Thursday, the first weekend was the wedding of my good friends Emma and Nick at the wonderful BoomRock. The weather gods smiled on us that one day with absolutely stunning weather combined with with jaw dropping views of the Kapiti coast (I’ll be back here in a few weeks) - Check out this amazing photo of the newlyweds with the South Island looming large in the background (those who know Wellington will know this is anything but a given).

Wedding down, a week in Wellington to set myself up for the months ahead. This means acquiring the means to travel and to practice remote working with no fixed office - also preparing to head off to Coromandal.

My wheels First off the car, after a bit of hunting around I finally settled on a 2001 Subaru station wagon from a wholesale dealer in Lower Hutt, a little more expensive than I was budgeting at NZD$4k but it should retain its value better than some of the other options. Also it is much more comfortable for long distance travel than cheaper cars of a similar ilk.

Quietly chuffed with being able to source a car so efficiency, it did begin to exhibit small technical hitch in that it has a little trouble starting! The vendor was happy to repair at his cost so I took it into his mechanic. After performing a diagnostic on the car (plugging in a doohicky and googling the error codes I assume) it stated unequivocally that the problem was a faulty ‘crank shaft sensor’, a replacement was quickly ordered and couriered over, I decided this a good chance to practise my ‘remote working’ by heading to the local library and setting up shop while the mechanics worked their magic.

I returned to the mechanic a few hours later to be informed the operation went well and the patient can return to active duty. Again, feeling quite chuffed with myself for sorting out not only the problem, but in a timely fashion before tearing up the country to Coromandal the next day. The feeling however was short-lived, when I got briefly stuck in a BP carwash when the vehicle again failed to start. On the phone to the mechanic again, he said I needed to bring it back in, however we were leaving town the following morning - I decided to take the risk and get it looked at when I returned. It turned out that, starting the vehicle had a certain trick to it and once learned didn’t hinder our holiday (thankfully as the nearest mechanic was some 100 dirt road kilometres away).

As I was still consulting back to Ogilvy (my previous employer) I need to maintain some sort of regular work schedule. This is a little tricky given I don’t have an office to work from, but it does serve as a practice and an introduction into remote working. I have found libraries the perfect place to ‘get shit done’ however they are not so good for conference calls/hangouts. Cafe’s are good but I still feel a little guilt for taking up a seat and not buying anything and I can only consume so many coffees before it becomes counterproductive - more learnings from the ‘remote working’ experiments to follow.