Done, not done - more Tequila & Rum

The end of Remote Year was a fitting send off, a two day party in a mansion outside of Mexico City. As the first night drew to a close the first of the Kaizen’s started to say their goodbyes and make their way off. The stream of people turned into a torrent as more and more headed to their next destinations, some headed home, some headed to ‘friends’ they had met on their travels and some like me, not quite ready to head home went in search of a little more adventure.

What just happened to me

Pinch me. My Remote Year has ended, how did that happen? The last thing I remember is meeting my 50 “Tramily” all the way back in Split - “Travel family”, Uggh, one of a few new terms I visibly gagged at when first hearing but have since come to accept. Now twelve months have passed and we are bidding each other farewell in Mexico.

Travel Hell Vol 3 - Hostage in Bolivia

The day started in earlier than usual at 3:15am after arriving in Uyuni the previous night. There were vague excuses given about possible road closures. Once on the road our driver tells us there are protests about living conditions in the city and they are setting up roadblocks to disrupt. He explains that we’ll take a back road and should be fine.

Peru on Tour

Our tour officially begins with a briefing in our hotel in Lima in the evening where we get to meet a few of our tour group. The nature of the tour is such that we will pick up new members as we travel along, we are told amongst other things that it’ll be a 4am start - as we eventually find out, the first of many, something about these tour planners I feel like they are morning people.

Lima on repeat

By the time I arrived in Lima in December I had been travelling for 11 months. A few hectic preceeding months combined with the transit from hell meant I was decidedly burnt out and travel wary, I decided this month was to be about work and not much else.

Travel hell vol 2 - The long way around

After so much travel it was bound to happen, so much seamless travel - I was running the gauntlet of good fortune, the tide would surely would turn some day. That day turned out to be today (or few days, I’m a little confused about timezones and how long I have been traveling).